Pennsylvania company facing fines for workplace safety violations

A Pennsylvania company is prioritizing production over workplace safety, which is a dangerous line to walk.

Companies are expected to put measures in place to keep workers safe. Those measures can vary from providing the proper training and equipment to eliminating risks and dangerous conditions. Unfortunately, some businesses cut corners and put the safety of workers at risk, as one Pennsylvania-based subcontractor has been accused of doing.

According to Delaware Online, the company is facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for prioritizing production over a safe environment.

The infractions

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has inspected several worksites where BC Stucco and Stone has been responsible for doing subcontracting work. In early November of last year, OSHA discovered seven violations on an apartment complex site. Later that month, the administration found four violations at a Wawa remodeling job in Pennsylvania.

The infractions at the Wawa included the following:

  • Failing to give workers helmets
  • Having improper scaffolding 18 feet high that was not decked or planked properly
  • Failing to give workers a safe way to exit that scaffolding
  • Failing to have guardrails on the scaffolding

The citations noted at the apartment complex were similar. OSHA has fined the company $116,000 for the apartment complex violations and $93,000 for the infractions at the Wawa. Delaware Online reports that these fines are on the heels of several violations in 2013 and 2014.

Construction site accidents

Fortunately, no one was injured at either of the sites for which BC Stucco and Stone was recently cited. However, construction site accidents are all too common and can be deadly. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 40 people died on construction worksites in 2014.

OHSA reports that there are four leading causes of fatalities in the construction injury: falls, electrocutions, struck-by events and caught-in or caught-between incidents. Falls are the most common, claiming the lives of 359 people in 2014. One way to prevent falls is to ensure that workers in elevated positions – such as on scaffolding – are protected. Fall arrest equipment should be in place and scaffoldings should be reinforced.

Another leading cause – struck-by events – can be prevented through ensuring that workers have the proper equipment. Helmets will protect someone’s head in the event that something is dropped.

The Pennsylvania company mentioned in this article is failing its workers through neglecting their safety. A worksite injury can be devastating, robbing someone of physical capabilities, the ability to earn a living and possibly even his or her life. Any time an injury occurs, it is crucial for the victim or his or her family to seek help. People who have questions about this topic should speak with a workers’ compensation attorney in Pennsylvania.