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Repetitive Stress Injury

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Pennsylvania workers need to know what to do and who to turn to after sustaining a repetitive stress injury. When it comes to repetitive injuries, even a Pennsylvania employee who works at a computer all day has a chance of becoming a victim. No matter the industry, employees need to understand how to properly handle a workers compensation claim; otherwise, they risk their case being thrown out while they continue to live in pain.

Make sure the physician is well-informed

When visiting a doctor for a repetitive stress injury, employees have to make sure they share the cause of the injury and any symptoms they experience as well as what brings those symptoms on. In the case of repetitive stress injuries, employees should provide the doctor a history of how long they have experienced pain or discomfort. All this information is vital in building a solid case and could be what wins that case.

Reporting your repetitive stress injury

While informing a supervisor of a repetitive stress injury, or any other type of work-related injury, is a good idea, it is better that employees make sure they fill out all necessary forms and reports with HR or whatever other department that or person who handles work-related injuries. Employees should learn what steps to take next and make sure they complete them.

Take action to prevent future injuries

There are measures employees can complete to prevent future repetitive injuries. For instance, those who work at a desk should implement an ergonomic design for their workstation, which might involve getting a new chair, desk, keyboard, mouse and monitor. Employees should also take out time to stretch every now and then to provide their muscles, joints and bones with some much-needed relief.

Understand the causes of repetitive injuries

Besides taking measures to avoid additional injuries, workers should educate themselves on specific work-related activities that can lead to an avoidable injury. Such activities commonly include working with one’s arms higher than shoulder level, unnatural postures, extreme temperatures, typing with the edge of the wrists on a hard surface and putting pressure on one’s shoulders.

Know how a company’s workers compensation coverage works

Companies handle workers compensation claims differently. Injured employees should sit down with someone who is knowledgeable about coverage to understand how the process works and what they can do to speed things up and make the process as efficient as possible. The right information can avoid a claim being denied.

Do not try to cheat the system

Some employees might be tempted to engage in possibly illegal or unsavory acts in an attempt to get a higher payout for their claim. One thing such employees should keep in mind is that insurance companies as well as businesses are well-aware of this and are extremely vigilant when it comes to searching for signs of fraud.

Sometimes, Pittsburgh employers, physicians and insurance companies are not enough to respond to repetitive workplace injuries. Consulting with our repetitive stress injury attorneys is better, in some instances.