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Chemical Exposure

If you are exposed to dangerous chemicals on a routine basis at home, school or work, you can suffer serious health consequences. These chemicals can result in respiratory disease, cognitive disorders, neurological disorders, developmental impairment, various cancers, lung injuries, cardiovascular illness and birth defects. The exposure can occur at home, in the workplace and while driving or walking around during an average day. If you, or your child, has been diagnosed with an illness such as Down Syndrome, autism, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, lung, liver and heart disease, testicular cancer or other illness you may qualify for benefits and financial compensation. Please click here to contact our Pennsylvania chemical exposure injury attorneys for a free and thorough case analysis. Our West Virginia injury attorneys charge nothing if they are unable to obtain compensation for you for lost wages, medical care, pain and suffering, lessened quality of life and other applicable damages.

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Home & Garden Chemical Exposure

Dangerous, hazardous and toxic chemicals are in our homes whether we know it or not. Those who have houseplants, or are into gardening, may be exposed to a carcinogen named glyphosate. Glyphosate is found in the weedkiller Roundup which comes in different strengths for home, garden and agricultural weed control. It is a very strong carcinogen linked to different cancers and birth defects.

Paraquat, another common herbicide made by Syngenta, is used in homes and home gardens everyday in this country. Paraquat exposure is a cause of early onset Parkinson’s Disease ,neurological disorder effecting the ability to control ones movements, speech and other motor skills. Parkinsons is also a commonly misdiagnosed neurological disorder. To date Paraquat has been banned in more than 20 countries but the United States is not one of them.

Workplace Chemical Exposure

The 2 chemicals already mentioned, paraquat and Roundup, are found in the workplace especially on farms, golf courses, university campuses, hospital campuses and other settings needing landscapers, gardeners, farmers and groundskeepers. It is not coincidence that many of those who have developed NHL, other cancer or Parkinson’s Disease as a result of these chemicals are largely in the farming, agriculture and landscaping industries.

Other common chemicals that can result in illness, injury or death are asbestos, benzene, bleach, caustic agents, carcinogens, fire/smoke, firefighting foam, lead, mercury and other metals, NDMA, diesel fuel, other gasolines, radiation & teratogens. No matter what type of chemical you were exposed to you have rights and they need to be protected. Our Washington DC chemical exposure injury attorneys will do just that.

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