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Diabetes Malpractice Lawsuits

diabetes malpractice lawsuits

Diabetes, technically called diabetes mellitus, is a name referring to several different health conditions directly related to how your body uses blood sugar, aka glucose. The various types of diabetes are Type 1 diabetes, pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes & gestational diabetes. Type 1 diabetes, where the pancreas does not make enough insulin to regulate blood glucose levels, is an autoimmune disease. Endocrinologists, doctors who specialize in the glands and hormonal makeup of the body, considered Type 2 diabetes to be a metabolic disorder. It is now being considered as an autoimmune disease much like Type 1 diabetes but there is not sufficient evidence as of yet. Regardless of the type of disorder the treatment regimens remain the same. Gestational diabetes, which only manifests during pregnancy, resolves once the baby is born and is not a lifelong condition like Types 1 & 2. No matter the type of diabetes you have you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation if there was a medical error, diagnostic error or you were harmed by a diabetes medication. Please click here to contact our Pennsylvania medical negligence attorneys handling diabetes malpractice lawsuits. They provide free case examinations and charge nothing if they are unable to recover for you and your family.

Our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania diabetes misdiagnosis attorneys serve all of Pennsylvania. This includes the Allegheny County, Blair County, Erie County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County, Lancaster County and Dauphin County areas.

Types Of Diabetes Malpractice Lawsuits

Diabetes misdiagnosis: As diabetes is a very commonly overlooked medical condition in Pennsylvania. If diabetes of any type goes undiagnosed, or the diagnosis is wrong or delayed further illness and irreparable harm can result. Several types of doctors can be liable in a diabetes misdiagnosis claim such as primary care providers, endocrinologists, internal medicine doctors, family medicine doctors, obstetricians and gynecologists. If you have been the victim of a diabetes misdiagnosis in Pennsylvania contact our Pittsburgh diabetes misdiagnosis attorneys right away.

Gestational diabetes lawsuits: During pregnancy, also referred to as gestation, the mother can develop gestational diabetes. While common it is not a huge issue and if diagnosed properly the mother and baby can both develop normally during the pregnancy. If it goes undiagnosed the baby can be born excessively large which is unhealthy for mom and baby. This condition is called macrosomia and can be grounds for a gestational diabetes malpractice claim in Pennsylvania. It behooves you to reach out to our Erie, Pennsylvania diabetes injury attorneys for a free case analysis. Macrosomia, and other birth injured or birth defects, can result in a lifetime of very complicated and expensive medical care. Having a baby with any sort of birth defect can also cause great emotional and psychological suffering which may entitle you to benefits and financial compensation as well.

Diabetes medication injury lawsuits: There are now a host of different types of diabetes medications and most are for Type 2 diabetes. These medications are rushed to market and not thoroughly researched by drug companies or the FDA. Due to this insatiable need for profit and marketshare those with Type 2 diabetes are prescribed these medications with no regard for what conditions may result in the future. Drugs like Invokana can result in cancers, gangrene, amputation, vision loss, circulatory issues and other very serious and life threatening conditions. Please contact our Pennsylvania diabetes drug injury lawyers for a free case review.

Diabetes can also be a factor in workers’ compensation cases but it is very rare. Disability claims due to diabetes are more common than work comp claims in Pennsylvania. To discuss your case connect with our Pittsburgh workers’ compensation attorneys for a free case exam.