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Erie PA Clergy Member Sexual Abuse Injury Lawyers

erie pa clergy member sexual abuse lawyers

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been riddled with allegations of sexual abuse by clergy members. These claims have been made mostly about Catholic priests sexually abusing boys but there have also been some claims made against clergy members sexually molesting and assaulting girls as well as adult females. If you, or your child, have been the victims of clergy member sexual abuse you need the help of our Erie PA clergy member sex abuse injury lawyers. Please do not wait to speak with our Erie PA clergy member sex abuse injury lawyers about your rights. According to Pennsylvania law you may be entitled to benefits as well as financial compensation. They offer free case reviews and charge no fees of any sort unless they recover for you. You can also visit @pennsylvaniasexabuseattorneys to begin you free case review.

Serving all of PA including Bethel Park, Altoona, Erie, Warren, Meadville, Beaver, Butler, McKeesport, Hollidaysburg, Edensburg, Emporium & Monroeville, PA.

Pennsylvania Statute Of Limitations For Sex Abuse Cases

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has laws, referred to as the statute of limitations, in civil accident and injury cases of all sorts. These can include cases of medical malpractice, auto accidents, premises liability accidents and child sexual abuse injury claims. There is currently legislation being written about possibly removing the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse injury victims. This has to do with the emotional and psychological toll that clergy member sex abuse takes on victims. They never escape the trauma and due to the fact that they trusted the person who abused them they often times do not tell anyone for years. Also, in the instances where clergy member child sex abuse victims come forward the church claims to do their own investigations that do not involve the authorities, police or the courts. This is despicable and our Erie, Pennsylvania child injury attorneys will not tolerate this. They will fight for your rights no matter what it involves.

Who Are Clergy Members?

The term clergy members is just a phrase referring to people who have been trained and approved for religious service. They are also referred to as members of the clergy, clergymen or clergypersons. They can include priests, rabbis, ministers, pastors and nuns. Members of the clergy can be involved in any organized religion such as Catholicism, Christianity, Greek Orthodox, Judaism, Episcopalian, Baptist & Methodist.

What To Do If You’ve Been The Victim Of Clergy Member Sexual Abuse

Do not hold it in. Do not keep it to yourself and think it will go away. Do not bury it down. Tell a loved one such as your parents, siblings or spouse. You are the victim here and have rights. Even if the church knows about it and they moved the offending clergy member or transferred them you still have rights and they will not get away with sweeping it under the rug. Speaking with our Pittsburgh Pennsylvania clergy member child sex abuse injury lawyers makes sense.

Call Our Erie Pennsylvania Clergy Member Sex Abuse Injury Lawyers

Please click here to reach out to our Erie PA clergy member sex abuse injury lawyers. They offer free case reviews and will provide them in the utmost confidence. Do not worry about the cost of retaining our Erie, Pennsylvania child sex abuse injury attorneys as they charge no fees if they do not win for you and your family.

Our Erie Pennsylvania clergy member sex abuse injury lawyers serve all of Pennsylvania. This includes Philadelphia, Allentown, Bethel Park, Erie, York, Gettysburg, Bethlehem, Upper Darby, Doylestown, Warren, Meadville, Media, Harrisburg, Altoona, State College, Lock Haven, Lancaster, Reading, Scranton & Wilkes-Barre.