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Female Injuries

female injuries

Males and females differ in many accident cases in terms of the injuries suffered, severity of the injuries, pathology and etiology (origin) of the injury. Females, as well as minorities, statistically make less money than males in the same profession with the same level of education, work experience, etc. Also, insurance companies hire adjusters, who are people with feelings, biases and emotions, and the adjusters typically offer lower settlement amounts to women, Hispanics, African Americans, etc. than they do white males. This is neither fair nor just and our Pittsburgh injury attorneys will not stand for it. Please contact our legal team handling female injuries and female accident lawsuits for a free case evaluation. They charge no fees if they do not obtain benefits and financial compensation for you.

With an office in Pittsburgh they serve all of Pennsylvania including Altoona, Erie, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Bethel Park, Harrisburg, Allentown, Beaver, Butler, Meadville, University of Pittsburgh and Penn State University.

Common Female Injury Claims

In terms of workers’ compensation claims females see several different injury types than males. The 10 most common female workplace injuries are sexual harassment, repetitive stress injuries (mainly Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), workplace violence, homicide, slip and falls resulting in back injuries, neck injuries, mental injuries such as anxiety, depression and stress, work related auto accidents, chemical exposure as well as machine and office equipment accidents.

There are many forms of medical malpractice injuries that are specific to women. Examples are OB/GYN procedures such as hysterectomies, cervical biopsies, colposcopies, surgeries related to endometriosis, tubal ligation and emergency c-sections. These account for a fair amount of surgical error malpractice suits in Pennsylvania.

Cancer misdiagnosis cases among females also differ from males. These can be breast cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer. colorectal cancer, skin cancer and endometrial cancer. Each of these are commonly misdiagnosed or there is some sort of a diagnostic error that results in further injury, illness and death. Our Pennsylvania female injury attorneys handle all of these claims and others. Let them put their experience to work for you.

Contact Our Attorneys Handling Female Injuries

Please connect with our accident lawyers handling female injuries and female accident lawsuits across Pennsylvania. They offer free case reviews and charge nothing unless they recover for you.

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