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IKEA Recalls

ikea recalls

IKEA, the very cost effective furniture store, has voluntarily recalled many of their products in recent years. These products can include dressers such as the KULLEN and MALM, baby bibs, tables, chairs, counters and desks among others. Literally hundreds of thousands of their products have been recalled for various reasons. The 2 most common are furniture posing a tipping and or entrapment hazard or a product having a choking hazard. By all means please contact our Pittsburgh IKEA injury lawyers if you, your child or a loved one, have been injured or killed due to a faulty IKEA product. They possess a tremendous amount of experience handling IKEA recalls and helping injury victims get the benefits and compensation they deserve. Examples of potential benefits awarded in IKEA accident claims are medical expense benefits, lost wage compensation as well as pain and suffering compensation. If you work at IKEA and were hurt on the job our Allegheny County workers’ comp lawyers can help you obtain workers’ compensation benefits. If a loved one was killed while working at IKEA, shopping there or the accident occurred once the product was in your home you may be eligible for death, funeral and survival benefits. IKEA products are especially popular with college kids such as University of Pittsburgh and Penn State students.

Our Pennsylvania IKEA recall attorneys offer free case reviews. You can start the process by clicking here. All injury cases are handled free of charge unless they obtain benefits and compensation for accident victims and their families.

Handling IKEA Lawsuits & IKEA Recalls

If no one was injured due to a faulty IKEA product consider yourself lucky. In many cases victims are unaware of the voluntarily recall and an injury or wrongful death can occur. In tragic instances such as these time is of the essence as Pennsylvania law allows a 2 year window from the date of the accident, injury or death to file a personal injury lawsuit. There is zero reason to wait even 24 hours much less 24 months. Immediately after the accident or injury you should seek medical care. After that please contact our Erie, Pennsylvania injury attorneys to discuss your rights and how they can help you.

A very large majority of Pennsylvania injury claims end in a settlement negotiated between the victim and the liable party and or their insurance carrier. Our State College injury attorneys will handle every aspect of your IKEA accident claim including getting you the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering and other relevant benefits.

In some cases the case cannot be settled and it goes to the trial phase also referred to as the litigation phase. Our Pennsylvania premises liability lawyers have extensive experience handling cases that go to trial as well. With our attorneys in your corner your rights will be protected and you will get the best possible outcome and the best possible benefit and compensation package.