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Knee Injury

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The knee is one of the many joint in the human body and is one of the strongest joints in humans. The primary function of the knee is to support the weight of the entire body while allowing the lower leg to move relative to the thing during activities such as walking, running and climbing stairs. Despite the knee having one very basic function it is a complicated structure that is prone to various types of injuries. If you have suffered a knee injury of any sort you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation according to various laws such as auto accident laws, premises liability laws and the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. Please connect with our Pennsylvania injury attorneys handling knee injury lawsuits.

As with all accident and injury claims our Allegheny County workers’ comp lawyers handle knee injury claims on a contingency fee basis meaning they charge nothing if they do not recover benefits as well as compensation for you. Serving all of Pennsylvania such as Allegheny County, Blair County, Centre County and Erie County, PA.

Anatomy Of The Knee

The human knee is a synovial hinge joint and is also called the tibiofemoral joint. A synovial joint is a joint that uses synovial fluid for lubrication so bone does not grind against bone. Three bones makeup the knee joint and they are the tibia (lower leg bone), femur (thigh bone) and patella (kneecap). What holds all of these bones together are numerous cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Each of these has a specific function in allowing the lower leg to move and stabilize the knee at different angles. Any and all of these pieces of connective tissue can be injured just like any of the 3 knee bones can be broken.

Common Knee Injuries

Studies show that there are numerous common knee injuries. They are:

ACL tears

Patella fractures

Meniscus tears

Knee bursitis

Patellar tendonitis

While the knee consists of 2 bones in addition to the patella if they are fractured or broken it is usually not at or near the knee so they are not typically referred to as knee injuries. If you have suffered any of these knee injuries, or any type of knee injury, please contact our Pennsylvania knee injury lawyers for a free case review.

Pennsylvania Knee Injury Lawsuits

How your knee was hurt has a lot to do with whether or not you have grounds for a lawsuit to help you obtain benefits and financial compensation. Examples are:

Knee injuries as a result of an auto accident such as a car accident, tractor trailer accident, motorcycle crash, bicycle accidents, drunk driving accidents or pedestrian accidents. These are deemed auto accident lawsuits or personal injury lawsuits.

Knee injuries caused by an on the job accident on construction sites, industrial settings and manufacturing plants. As these occur on the job they are always workers’ compensation cases. In addition, depending on the situation and who is at fault these claims can also have a third party liability component which affords the victim different benefits as much more economic damage recovery as pain and suffering compensation benefits are awarded. In Pennsylvania pain and suffering benefits CANNOT be awarded in workers’ compensation claims.

Knee injuries can also be caused by medical malpractice and hospital negligence. Surgery errors, orthopedic surgeon negligence, infections, anesthesia or medications errors. These are medical malpractice lawsuits and also referred to as medical negligence cases. Our Pittsburgh knee injury attorneys handle these claims as well.

Knee injuries due to assault on public or private property. Cases such as these are considered to be premises liability cases.

Knee injuries caused by a slip and fall accident either at work, in the workplace, on a job site or on government, private or public property. Accidents such as these are premises liability claims.

Knee injuries due to animal attacks, dog bites and other domestic animals. These are also considered premises liability lawsuits.

Knee injuries on sidewalks, pavement, streets, parking lots, garages, potholes and black ice. These can be considered work injuries or premises liability claims.

Catastrophic knee injuries due to serious auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, surgical errors, infections, diabetes misdiagnosis, harmful diabetes medications and other accidents leading to amputation of the upper or lower leg.

Contact Our Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Knee Injury Lawyers

Please feel free to contact our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania knee injury attorneys to discuss your rights and how to protect them. They will conduct a free, and thorough, analysis of your case, identify all liable parties and determine with pinpoint accuracy the past, present and future value of your claim. No fees are charged if our Erie, Pennsylvania joint injury lawyers cannot obtain benefits and compensation for you.

Serving the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania including Pittsburgh, Erie, State College, Allentown, Altoona, Philadelphia, Beaver, Butler, Bethel Park, York, Harrisburg, Gettysburg, Washington, Warren, Crawford, Meadville, Bellefonte & New Castle, PA.