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Snow And Ice Accidents

Pennsylvania Injury Attorneys

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania due to its geographic location, endures harsh winters with moderate amounts of cold weather, freezing rain, ice and snow storms. When weather conditions cause ice and snow to accumulate on sidewalks, roads and highways. These conditions can cause significant injuries in the form of slips, falls and auto accidents. If you have been injured due to inclement weather please contact our Pennsylvania injury attorneys handling snow and ice accidents. Speaking to an attorney immediately will greatly benefit your accident and injury claim.

Contact our team of Pennsylvania Personal Injury And Accident Lawyers to discuss your case. They are skilled Pennsylvania Trial Attorneys and he dutifully serves the injured throughout the Altoona, Erie, Pittsburgh and State College areas. Call today for a free case analysis.

Common Injuries In Snow And Ice Accidents

Accidents and injuries caused by ice and snow accumulation can occur in various ways. The most common is slipping ad falling on an icy sidewalk or walkway on someone else’s property. This is a very common form of premises liability accidents. Another way an ice and snow accident can occur is for you to be struck by ice and or snow that has fallen from the roof of a building or property.

Property owners, tenants and property manager’s have a legal responsibility to properly and safely maintain their property. If you have been injured while on another’s property in Pennsylvania you may be entitled to medical benefits, damages and compensation.

Injuries Seen In Pennsylvania Ice And Snow Accidents

Ice and snow injuries can be minor, serious and even deadly. Common injuries suffered in an Ice And Snow Accident are:

Head Injuries

Neck Injuries

Back Injuries

Broken Bones

These injuries, and others, may entitle you to benefits and compensation. A skilled Pittburgh Premises Liability Lawyer will be able to identify all liable parties and determine what benefits and compensation you are entitled to.

Contact A Pennsylvania Slip And Fall Attorney

Please contact the Pennsylvania Ice And Snow Accident Lawyers at Friday & Cox. They handle inclement weather accident and injury cases on a contingency fee basis which means they charge nothing unless they recover for you.