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Tesla Accident Lawsuits

tesla accident lawsuits

When automaker Tesla initially launched its self-driving Autopilot system, people were excited, and understandably so. Who doesn’t love the idea of watching TV or catching up on sleep while their car drives them around? It sounds like something out of “The Jetsons.” Tragically, self-driving Teslas have been involved in several deadly accidents over the past few years, raising questions about Autopilot’s safety, Tesla’s marketing language, and the discrepancy between the two. If you, or a loved one, have been injured due to a Tesla autopilot malfunction in Pennsylvania or West Virginia please contact our Pennsylvania auto accident lawyers by clicking here. You can also view all of our accident, injury and workers’ compensation videos by going to @pennsylvaniateslaaccidentlawyers.

The Problem With Self-Driving Cars

The term “Autopilot,” makes one picture a plane flying itself with the pilot relaxing. Or. perhaps the pilot is not even in the cockpit. Or maybe you imagine a self-driving car, its driver snoozing in the backseat. Therein lies the problem: Words like “Autopilot,” “self-driving,” and “autonomous” all seem to suggest that these cars drive themselves. The reality, though, can be quite different.

Many conditions exist where the driver of a self-driving car needs to keep their hands on the wheel, or at least pay attention to the road. The car’s speed, location, and other factors can greatly influence how effective it can be in self-driving mode. In short, these cars are not fully autonomous. However many people don’t realize that. For many, the self-driving aspect of the car was the main selling point. This discrepancy between what Autopilot can and cannot do has already contributed to a series of fatal Tesla accidents.

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To discuss your case with our Pennsylvania and West Virginia attorneys handling Tesla accident lawsuits please click here. They offer free case reviews and charge no fees at all if they are unable to obtain compensation for you and your family.