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Washington PA Trucking Accident Lawyers

Tractor Trailer Injury Attorneys

washington pa trucking accident lawyers

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania the cargo and shipping industries account for huge amounts of jobs those jobs contribute a lot to the economy. As Pennsylvania is one of the largest, and most populated, states in the country there are hundreds of millions of miles driven by tractor trailers each year. With all of this driving it is inevitable that serious, and sometimes fatal, accidents will occur. Being the victim of a trucking accident in the Washington, Pittsburgh or Erie, PA areas can change your life forever. As trucks such as tractor trailers, logging trucks and tanker trucks weigh tens of thousands of pounds they cause severe and sometimes fatal injuries upon impact. If you, or a loved one, have been the victim of a trucking accident in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania let our Washington PA trucking accident lawyers help you.

To discuss your case with our award winning Pennsylvania injury lawyers please click here. They provide free case reviews and charge nothing if they do not recover for you. Serving all of Pennsylvania including Altoona, Pittsburgh, Erie, Beaver, Butler, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Reading, State College and Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Pennsylvania Tractor Trailer Accident Statistics

Studies by PennDOT show that in 2019 there were 7,036 trucking accidents in PA. Of them 122 were fatal. A large majority of these crashes were due to vehicle issues or failure. These include tire and wheel related crashes, brake failure accidents, power train failure and unsecured cargo and vehicle overload.

Federal Trucking Regulations

The trucking industry is highly regulated. Truck drivers are limited in the number of hours they can spend behind the wheel. Trucks must be inspected at regular intervals. Loads need to meet specific weight guidelines.

Truck drivers are known to spend too much time on the road. Inspections are skipped and trucks are left without maintenance. Trailers are improperly loaded. Truck accidents often occur when safety measures are overlooked, putting motorists at great risk.

When our Washington County trucking accident injury attorneys conduct investigations, we look at truck driver logbooks and maintenance records. We retain accident reconstruction experts when necessary to determine how the accident really happened and what caused it. We dig deep in order to find out exactly what caused the 18-wheeler accident. Our PA tractor trailer injury attorneys use that information to build a strong and persuasive personal injury case, a case designed to get you all of the compensation you deserve.

Call Our Washington PA Trucking Accident Lawyers

Trucking companies have the resources to try and mitigate their exposure to liability. They are fully prepared to protect their best interests and so should you. Contact a Pittsburgh truck accident attorney online or call 412-561-4290 to learn how we can help you secure a full financial recovery for the current and long-term damages you have endured.

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