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Westmoreland Hospital Lawsuits

westmoreland hospitalr lawsuits

Greensburg, Pennsylvania, which is the county seat of Westmoreland County, is home toWestmoreland Hospital which is part of the Excela Health System. They handle all types of illnesses and medical conditions such as cancer treatment, various surgeries, labor and delivery capability and in-patient services due to infection, trauma and child injury services. Some cases do not meet the minimum standard of care and injury or death of the patient can result. As this healthcare facility also employs thousands of Pennsylvania residents there is also the possibility that employees can get injured on the job. In addition, visitors and family members of patients can also get injured while on the premises via a slip and fall accident, a car accident or a parking lot accident. With all of this in mind it stands to reason that the hospital is named in many injury claims annually. If you, or a loved one have been injured due to hospital negligence at this PA medical center you need the help of our Pittsburgh injury lawyers handling Westmoreland Hospital lawsuits.

To arrange a free case review with our Greensburg, Pennsylvania injury lawyers please click here. They offer free case reviews and charge nothing unless they recover for you and your family. With an office in Pittsburgh and Erie they serve all of Western Pennsylvania including Allegheny County, Erie County, Blair County, Centre County, Clinton County, Beaver County, Westmoreland County and others.

Auto Accidents: These can include pedestrian accident lawsuits, car accidents in parking lot, ambulance accidents and transportation accidents.

Birth Injuries: Common birth injury cases involve Shoulder Dystocia, Brachial Plexus injury, Cerebral Palsy, Erbs Palsy, Labor and Delivery injuries to the mother, Macrosomia and trauma related injury caused by excessive force, forceps injuries, broken bones and more.

Medical Malpractice: Forms of medical malpractice within the Excela Health Hospital System are surgical errors, anesthesia errors, medical misdiagnosis, inaccurate diagnosis, delayed diagnosis, failure to treat claims, medication errors, birth injury cases, emergency room mistakes, EMT malpractice, lab misdiagnosis cases, X-Ray misdiagnosis claims and hospital acquired infections.

Premises Liability: Lawsuits regarding premises liability accidents can revolve around slip and falls accidents, parking lot accidents, stairwell accidents, elevator accidents, sidewalk accidents, food poisoning, assault and sexual assault.

Workers’ Compensation: These claims are very similar to premises liability accidents and include hospital slip and falls, exposure to harmful chemicals, gas and medications, work related back injuries, injuries caused by poor lifting techniques, pathogen exposure, being stuck with a dirty needle or syringes, radiation exposure, gurney injuries, ambulance accidents, assault and sexual assault by a doctor, nurse, other healthcare providers, patient or visitor.

Regardless of how you, your child or loved one were injured while under the care of, or while on the property of, a UMPC site our Erie, PA medical negligence attorneys can help. They will attempt to negotiate a very favorable settlement for you and your family based on how you were injured and how seriously you were injured. All possible benefits and forms of compensation will be accounted for such as lost wage compensation, medical care benefits, loss of use benefits, physical pain compensation, emotional suffering compensation and lowered quality of life compensation. It is important to note that pain and suffering compensation is not applicable in Pennsylvania workers comp lawsuits.

In the event you lost a child, parent, sibling, spouse or other loved one you may qualify for death benefits, survival benefits and wrongful death benefits according to Pennsylvania accidental death laws.

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