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Pittsburgh Pre-Existing Injury Accident Lawyers

PA Pre-Existing Condition Laws

At Friday & Cox LLC, our pre-existing injury accident lawyers have more than 75 years of combined experience. We have seen this problem again and again: A worker who suffered a back injury on the job will go to an independent medical examiner chosen by the insurance company, who will say that the injury was not the result of a workplace accident, but due to degenerative disc disease.

Or, if the worker suffered a joint injury, the doctor will say it was the result of degenerative joint disease. Doctors will blame a pre-existing condition so the workers’ compensation insurance company does not have to pay any money. This excuse for a denied workers’ compensation claim does not hold water at our law firm. We will fight wrongfully denied claims in order to get you the money you need. Contact our law firm today to meet with an experienced work injury lawyer during a free consultation.

We Know Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Laws

Our workers’ compensation attorneys know the law, and the law is clear. Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, aggravation of a pre-existing condition is still considered a new injury and the victim is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. In other words, even if you have degenerative disk or joint disease, you are still entitled to workers’ compensation if the condition was made worse because of a workplace accident.

When we see insurance companies doing everything possible to deny a legitimate claim, we will fight. At Friday & Cox LLC, we are aggressive advocates. We will work hard to overcome any challenge that stands between you and the benefits you need to recover from your workplace injury.

Contact Our Denied Benefits Attorneys for a Free Consultation

For a free initial consultation with an experienced Pittsburgh wrongfully denied claims attorney, call 412-668-4491 or contact us online. We offer convenient, no-hassle appointment in Erie and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.